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What is Coaching?

 Coaching is an effective way of talking and thinking to bring clarity to a situation and to promote change. The truth is that when you're in situation, it can be hard to fully appreciate all of the different facets as you have a personal viewpoint. I will help to free you from limited thinking, take you out of the situation and give you a 360 degree perspective from where you can feel, think, talk and imagine differently. You know the saying 'can't see the wood for the trees'? I will help you see, touch and examine each tree, or just one, stand underneath it, look up and feel the breeze. You can then discover and explore new forests and worlds available to you!


What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming? (NLP)

 It can be described in many ways! The 'neuro' part of NLP is to do with the way we are already 'wired' - we do what we have always done. Partly because it is what we have learnt; it is what we already know and it works. However, we may have become stuck in a cycle and a way of thinking which is no longer helpful. The'linguistic' part is to do with how we communicate with others and ourselves. This includes the words we use to label situations, emotions and memories. The 'programming' part is about the patterns we have learnt and our current ways of thinking and behaving. It is like the 'hard-wiring' in our brains.

NLP Coaching allows you access to these areas (which we normally take for granted or may not be aware of) and with a new understanding of your personal Neuro-Linguistic Programmes, you can update and refresh your thinking and behaviour patterns. 


What can we work on?

The areas I work on with clients are varied. Some clients come to see me with a specific issue in mind, for example wanting to move on in their career, but feeling unable to. Others feel that they have come to a stand-still in many aspects of their lives - career, relationships, their confidence and how they view themselves. For some people a particular incident triggers the desire to embrace change. Often clients feel a general dissatisfaction and are looking for support and guidance and help to revitalise themselves.

Our coaching work can include:

  • career issues (relationships at work/ skills related to work/ confidence/ career changes)
  • relationships (past, present and future)
  • Timeline Reprocessing (Looking at issues from different time perspectives and changing the way they are stored in your memory) 
  • confidence (in specific areas or in general)
  • emotional healing (dealing with painful memories and achieving closure)
  • seeking to renew vitality in life 

All the while working with you to achieve your goals. Our sessions will help you improve your confidence and invite opportunity and positivity into your life. 


How NLP Coaching has helped me...

 Having been through huge life-changes myself in the past I know how it feels to be stuck in a rut, faced with impossible choices and struggling with the same issues over and over again. NLP coaching helped me face difficult issues and deal with them once and for all, allowing me to get on with my life and embrace opportunities ahead wholeheartedly.

Start living the life you want - Today.

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