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In this blog I share inspiration for living a happier and more productive lifestyle, through my Self Coaching Tips, ideas on Relaxation, Wellness and creating Happiness. I aim to  share simple NLP techniques and philosophies in a practical and accessible way. Your comments are always welcome.


Take Time to Relax

I have been running my Embrace Relaxation and Meditation classes for almost a year now, and have had some great feedback on the impact the classes have had on the participants. Today I want to share how relaxation can help you too.

Nowadays many of us are living increasingly busy lives; juggling demanding work schedules and an active home life, all within the presence of social media. It can be difficult to switch off, even after a long day’s work.

We all know that burning the candle at both ends can leave us exhausted, both mentally and physically, and as an ex-primary school teacher I have experienced it myself. My hectic work demands were leaving me feeling more and more stressed. I now know that constantly having high levels of adrenaline in the body lowers the immune system, leaving the health at risk.

Although exercise and diet were on my radar, I didn’t really think relaxation was relevantfor me. I had an enjoyable social life and I thought that was enough. But I became very ill and after all of the medication and treatment got me on the road to recovery; I decided to take a more active role in my health, with the emphasis on prevention.

The key issue was deciding to take charge, and ultimately responsibility for the body and mind in which I was living, and to encourage and nurture my own wellness. I now build in time to relax every day, and it has changed the way I live my life.

My Top Ten Tips for Relaxing


  1. Take control of your time and allocate a section in your day – even if it’s a few minutes, to empty your mind.
  2. Walk or sit outside during daylight hours. Give yourself ten minutes of uninterrupted quiet. Leave your phone and headphones in your bag and just breathe.
  3. Switch off gadgets with screens and apps for a short time every day. The world will carry on, and you can have a break and go back when you’re ready. Screen-free time is very important for children too.
  4. Listen to relaxing instrumental music for five minutes while you breathe deeply. Doing this before bedtime helps slow down brainwaves and aid restful sleep.
  5. Talk to and spend time with people who make you feel good. Being around positive people is relaxing.
  6. Take regular outdoor breaks. Studies have shown that when smokers take a cigarette break, it is as much the act of going away from their desk that relaxes them, as the actual cigarette. So take a break outside, ditching the cigarettes and breathing in fresh air instead!
  7. Stretching works wonders for your body and mind! Change positions regularly and have a stretch.
  8. Get things off your chest by verbalising them or writing them down. If you can have a chat with someone else, even better. Get it out, then move on.
  9. When you are going around in circles, it’s time to take a break. Switch to a task that is easy and automatic, allowing your mind to relax. Then go back to the original task refreshed.
  10. Drinking plenty of water keeps everything working properly including the relaxation response. This response is built-in to your system; you just need to give yourself the chance to enjoy it.


My Relaxation Classes

In my class I provide a safe environment where people of all ages can learn to relax. I use a non-religious approach, and break it down into little steps, so that the ideas are accessible to beginners and more experienced members of the class alike. There are a range of activities in the hour, focusing on learning to empty the mind and breathing to relax and renew the body. The aim is for you to leave feeling refreshed and ready to experience the week ahead.

Classes run on Mondays 6.30 – 7.30pm

St. Aldhelm's Church,

2, Windmill Road,


N18 1PA

Cost: £6.00 per session

If you would like to attend a class, please text, call Zeenat on 07961 389 030 or email me at


My Biggest Group Meditation Yet!

In January I ran a group meditation session at a charity yogathon for my yoga teacher Jackie Lee. She runs this yearly event for the Nightingale Cancer Support Centre in Enfield which provides support for patients, relatives or friends of people affected by cancer. Participants paid £15 each to come along and do several hours of yoga, taught by different teachers and there were so many prizes in the raffle that everyone went home with something! I won a box of bath bombs, which smell gorgeous. 

Jackie taught a sitting yoga, which is great for people with limited mobility and I believe it is similar to the classes she teaches at the hospice. I love the idea of this; it's so empowering for people to improve their quality of life; even when it's near the end. 


The yogathon was dedicated to the memory of Vicki Scarlet who was a local yoga teacher. Together we raised £1400.


Completed Vision Boards... Ta Daah!

Here's one of the vision boards created by a participant at the workshop earlier this month. I look forward to hearing about how this person's vision grows and builds as it comes into fruition this year!


I love the images representing balance; something lots of us strive to achieve in our lives.


Vision Boards and Goal Setting 


Goals or Well-formed Outcomes?

Saturday saw my first workshop of the year and as it was only 19 days into 2013, it was designed to get us all thinking about what we want to achieve this year. We started the afternoon with a relaxation exercise to get us all into a calm and tranquil state, which is a good way to allow the mind to be creative. I demonstated how to form a goal - rather than just stating what our goal is (that would be short workshop), we tested it out against several criteria. The questions are designed to get each participant thinking about what their goal is, how they would know when they have achieved it, how and where they want to see this skill/goal achieved in their life, what they would gain or lose if they achieved it and how they would go about achieving it. Sometimes half way through this exercise people realise that they don't actually want what they said they wanted anymore, which is a good thing and allows them the re-think it, or word it differently, or add some parameters to it.

A yet unfinished vision board

The questions in the first part of the workshop encourage each person to check whether their goal is well-formed or not, meaning if I decided that i was going to go to the gym every night of the week, you could ask - for what purpose or at what cost? If I chose an unbalanced goal I might lose something as well as gain something. 

Busy creating

The second part of the workshop was where we used all of the ideas and inspiration gained from the first part to start the creative part. This was really fun, allowing our imaginations free, although we could have done with another hour or so. Time really does fly when you're having fun!

The Create Place, Bethnal Green, London

If you would like to know about my next workshops, please contact me to be placed on a list. You'll be the first to know!


Vision Boards and Goal setting Workshop January 2013

Happy new year to you all, and welcome to 2013!

What are you planning to achieve this year? What would you like to have achieved when you look back in a year's time? If you want to create your best year yet, come to my workshop!

On Saturday January 19th I am running a workshop in conjunction with Katie Macleod Peters of Creating Well-being in Bethnal Green, East London. We will be teasing out our goals for 2013, and drilling down into specific goals, and then working on moving towards achieving them. We will be using a variety of NLP techniques and principles including PACER which is a simple way to create a well-formed outcome. This will help us ensure that the goal is realistic and achievable. Katie's Creating Wellbeing workshops work on the principle that each participant uses their creativity to support their own wellbeing, an idea that I love, so we will also be creating our own vision boards to take away to support our goals.
This session costs £40 per person to attend (plus booking and transaction fees; £20 concessions).
Tickets are on sale now and you can buy yours through Eventbrite:
To find out more feel free to contact me.

More about Creating Well-being

Creating Well-being is an ever-evolving project, still in its pilot phase. There has been an overwhelmingly popular and positive response since the start of the project in August, but we are still trying to work out the most suitable funding model. When the pilot phase is over, we will asses whether Creating Well-being will become a charitable or commercial project, Community Interest Company or Social Enterprise.
For more information, email:



Getting Over Your Phobias

A phobia is the fear of an object, place or situation which is so strong that it changes the way a person organises their life. It is more than a strong aversion to something, but is a persistent and irrational fear. If you have a phobia, you may recognise that even though you know the thing is not necessarily dangerous, you still feel terrified of it. If it is debilitating and causing you anxiety, you may want to be rid of it. The NHS currently favours CBT, Psychotherapy or medication, but NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a very effective and fast treatment. Some people report a vast improvement after one session.

You have probably heard of different ways to get over phobias by using techniques like flooding and desensitising - meaning that you increase your exposure to the thing that you are afraid of, gradually. This can be successful, but relies on the person keeping their cool and not getting too freaked out. A good therapist will ensure that the person is kept feeling safe is and able to reduce the exposure at any time. This can be a good techniques for fear of spiders, or similar phobias, where it can be tested - ie. at first you coudn't be near a spider, and at the end, you could hold one!

In my experience though, if you are terrified of something the last thing you want to do is to face that thing, up close and personal. Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses a gentler approach, for phobias like this. The mental health charity Mind sites hypnotherapy as an effective treatment. The Phobia Cure is based on NLP techniques and is a very effective brief therapy, so the problem can be 'fixed' quickly.

How does it work? The memory or memories from the sensitising event (when the phobia started) have been stored in the brain in a certain way, and by recoding them, you can update your understanding, thus reducing or alleviating the fear and beating the phobia. 

Contact me if you would like to find out more about how I can help you to get rid of your phobia, and if you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it with others on Facebook or Twitter.


You can read the article entitled 'We Beat Our Phobias' - using NLP from this month's Top Sante magazine here.

A boat trip in The Mediterranean Sea - a seemingly innocent photo. In fact, a frightening incident here caused the start of a deep-rooted phobia.

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