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Breakthrough Sessions

These sessions are a brilliant way to to work on long-standing or all-encompassing issues which spread into many areas of your life.

Sometimes it feels as though everything needs to change - and many things are dependent on one issue or are connected to that one issue.

The aim of a Breakthrough session is to promote change in many areas of your life in a short time.

Please be aware that there is a substantial committment involved if you choose this package (in time, money and effort). 

Choose this package if you just need to deal with your issues now, and cannot wait any longer.

Where? At your home, or at a Central London location.

How much? £390 when you book a Breakthrough Session (6 hours on one day).

£450 when you book this package in Central London.


To book this package, find out which package is best for you or to find out more, contact me