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Embrace Educational Consulting

Educators deserve coaching too, and at Embrace Educational Consulting I specialise in supporting you through the stresses, issues, and problems which can occur in educational circles. I am an experienced coach, teacher and trainer and have worked with many schools on school improvement.

I also offer packages for INSET days and other multi-client sessions where we can combine workshops and personal coaching with multiple staff members.


I can help you with....

Common problems faced by teachers:

  • dealing day to day with a pupil's behaviour problems
  • behaviour problems in a whole class, lack of discipline in a whole school
  •  managing and keeping on top of a heavy work-load
  • feeling helpless, tired, over-worked
  •  Keeping up with constant change
  • Financial worries; changes to pensions, the recession, cuts
  • Lack of time to relax, spend time with family or enjoy life
  •  wanting to leave the profession but not knowing what else you could do
  • health issues, stress 

I can support you with...

Common problems faced by schools:

  • Sharing good practice across a school
  • Improving teaching and learning across a school
  • Improving results year on year
  • Generating self motivated teams
  • Improving the behaviour of pupils
  • Engaging parents and carers in school life
  • Working with Governors
  • Providing coaching/mentoring or support for teachers/teaching assistants

... among many others


Packages are tailored to each school or client individually, but just to give you an idea it could look something like this:

How it works:

Initial meeting with the Head or Headship team to discuss the needs of the school, teams within the school or individuals.

Discussions will include:

  • Where are we now? Where are we heading? - Vision, Mission, Aims, Ethos 
  • How will we get there? - Goal setting

The next steps:

  • Singing from the same song sheet - Team building, opening dialogue, improving relationships, aligning the vision, communicating the vision across the school
  • Working together - INSET or workshops to get everybody working towards the whole school goals together
  • How to use these skills with pupils - Giving them the best education that we can, equiping them to be life-long learners


Testimonials for Embrace Educational Consulting:

INSET day Jan 2011

'A truly inspirational day; one that awakens the core of the individual, explores emotional intelligence, questions the qualities that constitute 'a successful teacher' and quite rightly focusses on the collective being a fundamental aspect of an evolving organisation. Motivating and insightful!'

Anthia Symeou, Year 6 teacher

'How to Keep Your Head When All Around You Are Losing Theirs' - An Introduction to NLP for Mentors, PSAs and school leaders



Your initial telephone consultation is free. Meetings are priced at £80.00 per hour

Half day training/coaching/meeting £250

Full day training/coaching/meeting £450

INSET £450 (plus half to full day for planning)


Why not contact me now to arrange your free consultation call?