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Relax Kids Classes

 Creating Calm, Confident Kids in Chaotic Times!

I also teach Relax Kids classes for primary school children. Every lesson includes dance, movement, imaginative play, visualisation, relaxation and positivity to improve confidence, reduce anxiety and teach strategies for independence and is tailored to the needs of the age group from Reception to Year 5. 

In Year 6 I teach the Relax Kids Chill Skills programme which supports pupils in preparation for end of year tests and the transition into secondary school. The skills the pupils learn in the sessions teach good habits for learning, the benefits of good rest, nutrition and learning how to deal with stress and worries positively. 

Chills Skills 8 Week Course outline:

  1. Achieving with Positive Thinking  
  2. The Importance of Visualization
  3. Dealing with Stress - Causes, Symptoms and How To Avoid It
  4. Moods - Anger Management
  5. Healthy Living 
  6. Look After Your Self - Loving the Self
  7. What is Real Happiness?  Making a Positive Contribution
  8. Self Belief and Self Empowerment


All of the programmes support the Every Child Matters agenda, and topics in PSHE and Citizenship.

Contact me to find out more about running these classes at your school, or in your area.

*I carry a wide range of Relax Kids products with me at lessons so you can find out more before you choose to buy.

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Anger Management in Schools

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