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Praise for Embrace Coaching:

Zeenat has helped me along an expedition, which has empowered me to choose to have a better, more fulfilled life. Her sensitive professional approach unravelled what started as a muddle of emotions. She has now given me the tools to understand the emotions by exploring previous experiences and revisiting them. The hardest part was deciding that I was ready to change; the rest has been an enlightening, successful journey.

 -D Wilson, Rolls Royce

Zeenat is a brilliant coach. She is patient, non-judgemental and inspiring. She helped me get to the root of my blocks to progress, and was right there with me as I moved through the obstacles. I felt I could be totally honest with her and that she would be supportive. Zeenat does not tell you what to do; she has a far greater gift of enabling you to unlock the power of your own potential. If you are stuck on your life path, or need some direction - in whatever area of your life - I would totally recommend that you book a session with Zeenat.

-Debbie Winterbourne, The Academy of Dreams

Zeenat is a warm, sensitive coach who skillfully and intuitively asks the questions which go right to the heart of the matter. My coaching session with her unlocked memories and connections that I had no idea existed and made me look at my situation completely differently.

-Jacquie C

By working with Zeenat I have gained a deeper insight into who I am and how I approach my life. Before I met her, I was struggling with my communication skills, my self-confidence and, my time management capacity. Both as a student and in my day-to-day life these things where affecting me and depriving me from achieving my full potential. Now, I am communicating more clearly with people I’m working with. I am no longer afraid to have my own opinion, and I won’t let anyone walk all over me, like I may have done in the past. Additionally, I have learnt to be more realistic with my time and organise my schedule better. The changes in my life have been profound and, I haven’t even noticed the changes when they were happening, other people have told me that they have noticed a positive transformation in me and I owe it all to Zeenat. I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone. She can and will provide the best of her support and guidance.

-S.S Student, London Metropolitan University

Tired of feeling stuck in my life, and unable to decipher which path to follow to bring me closer to the things I knew would make me happy long term, in both my career and personal life, I looked for a Life Coach. The suggestion of a life coach was one a friend of mine offered, exasperated at the indecisiveness I was expressing in my life. I had tried virtually everything else; from countless self development books & CD's about goal setting, to talking with friends, mentors and family. None of those really worked for me. Two sessions into my life coaching... I experienced a very profound shift in my confusion and became very clear what it was that I needed to happen to make me happier with my future. I found an amazingly warm and genuine coach in Zeenat, who had a relaxed and open manner- crucial when discussing what for most of us, are our biggest fears. Zeenat analysed the way I approached my dilemma and helped me to view things in such a way that a solution came to me almost instantly. After my third session I felt so clear and excited about the changes I was about to take, I was kicking myself for not getting coaching earlier. After all, if we want to get fit or learn a particular skill we always seek out expert trainers...why shouldn't the way we approach "the most important decisions of our lives" be treated with the same regard and importance? I would thoroughly recommend anyone wanting some clarity and direction to use the services of my coach Zeenat...amazing!

-Caroline Lovatt, Property Developer

Zeenat created a climate of trust which put me at ease immediately, giving me the confidence to talk about my issues. Her openness and calm approach really made it easy to think through a variety of solutions which would help me.

-J Hinckley, Languages Teacher

On an INSET day 2011: 'A truly inspirational day; one that awakens the core of the individual, explores emotional intelligence, questions the qualities that constitute 'a successful teacher' and quite rightly focusses on the collective being a fundamental aspect of an evolving organisation. Motivating and insightful!'

-Anthia Symeou, Year 6 teacher

For First Steps, a course for parents and children for Enfield Libraries:

'Zeenat is a highly professional, dynamic, thorough teacher who works well with children and adults on a number of levels. She offers support with sensitivity and humour and is very knowledgeable about how children learn. I would recommend her to a number of organisations as she is has expertise in a various fields.'

- Claire Dalkin, Reader Development and Access Librarian

'Zeenat delivers sessions of training for “First Steps”, a public library run programme offering support and advice for parents of Year 1 children, who are learning to read.

 Zeenat combines a thorough knowledge of literacy and the teaching of reading at Key Stage 1, with an equally excellent understanding of how to encourage a love and enthusiasm for books and stories. Her warm personality encourages even the most anxious or shy parent/carer and she quickly puts both parents and children at ease. Her sessions are well structured, confidently delivered and completely effective.'

Lucy Love, Development and Operational Manager, London Borough of Enfield

The session was wonderful. Thank you so much for the relaxing hypnotherapy. Zeenat is a natural therapist and her lovely warm and professional manner helped to put me at ease immediately. 
I came away from the session floating on air, feeling stronger and more confident, it was like a lovely oasis of calm in the hecticness of everyday life. The practical coaching tips were really insightful, and I've been able to put them into practice immediately to reduce anxieties and feel better.

- Rose Stone, Helpline Manager