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What is Meditation and How it Can Help You

This is a workshop for The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre, Lancaster Road, Enfield, EN2 0BX1.30-3.45 Friday 28th November 2014


This workshop is part of the centre's 'Friday Feel-Good sessions' and will cover questions like:

What is Meditation?

How can it help me?

How do I do it?

What are the different types and which is best for me?

I will lead 5 different mediations throughout the afternoon, giving each participant a range of experiences as well as dispelling common myths around the subject.

This is an invitation-only workshop, however, if you would like me to run something similar for your organisation, please get in touch on 07961 389 030.




Meditation for Beginners Workshop

Sunday April 13th 2014

 2-5pm at The North London Yoga Studio, 4, Vera Avenue, Grange Park, London , N21 1RA.

This workshop is aimed at those who are new to meditation. If you have always been keen to give meditation a try but are unsure of where to start, this is perfect for you. We will be learning how to breathe fully and why breathing is so good for us. We will also learn about how to relax our muscles through simple stretching and breathing techniques, which can help us reduce the feelings of stress in our minds and tension in our bodies. We will also enjoy a longer relaxation in the form of visualisation, at the end of the session.

I will explain the basic principles behind the stress response – ‘fight or flight’ and show how meditation can not only help alleviate the symptoms of stress, but also help you manage the causes of stress. Finally we will cover some simple exercises which you can practise at home, and I will share some online resources which may help you.

To book this workshop contact me or call Jackie on: 07941 468576.


Relax Kids One-to-Ones

I have started running one-to-one sessions for parents with their child at their home. This allows the child to be comfortable in their own environment, and it means that the work we do together is in context for the child. They are able to learn new skills and have fun in their own home. It also means that once I have left, the parent is the one who implements the recommendations and so the child understands that it is part of a home-life routine, not just something they do with someone else.

I show you how to make the most of the Relax Kids products, and help you to choose the ones which are most relevant to your child. Together we come up with ideas of how to help your child whether it's to do with calmer bedtimes, sleeping on their own, anger management, hyperactivity and how to calm themselves down... and many more.

Contact me if you would like to find out how I can support your child. 


 Create Your Vision for 2013


Saturday 19th January 2013

The Create Place, 29, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PJ.

Cost: £40, £20 concessions

I will be running this workshop as a guest of Katie Macleod-Peters of Creating Wellbeing. Katie facilitates monthly workshops at The Create Place in Bethnal Green.

In this workshop we will be teasing out your goals and finding the best way for you to achieve them in 2013. We will be using NLP techniques and utilising your creative mind to bring your goals and dreams into your conscious mind with vision boards.

You will leave this workshop with a clearer vision of what you want and the commitment to achieving them.

Please contact me to ask any questions about this event or

Click here to book your ticket

Saturday 19th January 2013

The Create Place,

29, Old Ford Road,

Bethnal Green, E2 9PJ.


You can read my previous blog posts about vision boards here:


 Meditation at Jackie's Yogathon

Saturday 26th January 2013

My yoga teacher Jackie Lee has asked me to run a meditation workshop at her yogathon this January, which she runs every year in support of The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre in Enfield. I feel very privileged to have been asked to contribute. You can come and support us by joining in with the yoga or meditation, or by eating cake and drinking tea!

If you want to try out my relaxation and meditation techniques, come along and try them out for free. I will be catering for a range of abilities, and you could also win some goodies in the raffle. 

Yogathon date: Saturday 26th January 2013

Address: St. Peter's Church, Vera Avenue, London, N21 1DN.

You can read more about Jackie's classes here: Yoga Enfield North London


Achieve Your Goals Workshop

Come and join me for this morning workshop where we will be working on achieving your goals. Whether you know what you want to do, but feel stuck, or have too many ideas, or have no idea where you are going, this workshop could help you clarify your thoughts and move you into action. The strategies I will be teaching you are ones you can use again by yourself, and I will be on hand to talk to you individually too.

In this workshop we will work on:

  • Exploring our goals
  • Creating well-formed outcomes - achievable. realistic and measurable goals
  • Establishing the conditions for success
  • Embracing the self-confidence and motivation needed to achieve the goals
  • Devising actionable steps
  • Utilising our timelines to help us succeed
  • Using visualisation to create a successful mindset*

Tea and coffee will be provided, but by bringing a packed lunch, you will be helping to keep costs down.

Please contact me to book your place. Please note that places will be limited.

Start living the life you want. Today.

 (*Please note the content may be altered slightly depending on the needs of the group.)


Improve Your Self Confidence Workshop


I often hear people say that they would love to do certain things in their lives, but feel that they don't have the confidence. I also hear people say 'X is so confident. I wish I had his/her confidence and self-belief.' The truth is that everyone has areas of confidence and other places where they feel less sure of themselves. If your level of confidence has been holding you back, isn't it time to do something about it?In this workshop we begin building our internal resources so that we can increase our confidence in the area of our choice. Some of the areas people frequently speak to me about are:

  • Confidence in social situations
  • Confidence in the workplace
  • Confidence in public speaking
  • Confidence in body image
  • Confidence in parenting 
  • Confidence in self image
  • Confidence in own sense of style
  • Confidence in personal relationships
  • Confidence in applying for jobs
  • Confidence in rejoining work after a baby
  • Confidence in following career dreams
  • Body confidence
  • Self sufficiency – relying on oneself, autonomy
  • Self efficacy – belief in one’s own ability to succeed
  • Confidence in sex and sexuality 
  • Confidence in communication – saying what you mean, asking for help, saying ‘no’
... amongst a whole host of other areas - this list is not exhaustive! 

Please contact me to express your interest


Past Workshops and Training Events:


  • 'Sponsorship and Building Confidence in Our Children'
  • 'Visualise to Succeed'
  • 'The Basics of NLP for Senior Leaders'
  • 'Creating an Ideal Learning Environment'
  • 'Create Your Own Vision Boards'
  • 'How to Keep Your Head When All Around You are Losing Theirs' 
  • 'Visualisation for Personal Wellness'
  • 'Emotional Intelligence and NLP in The Workplace'
  • First Steps - A Reading Course for Parents of Emergent Readers (For Enfield Libraries)


  • Relaxation for Mums and Toddlers
  • Relaxation and Meditation for Beginners
  • Weekly Relaxation and Meditation Class


Contact me if you would like me to run a workshop at your organisation